Types of Hand Blender in India

hand blender is an amazing and powerful invention that helps you carry tasks in the best way possible in no time. You can easily process food recipes like soups, shakes, cakes, cream, and other food items using a hand blender.

A hand blender is an electric stick that has blends at its one end. Hand blenders are efficient as you do not have to pour liquids into a blender bowl and then turn it on, the hand blenders are directly inserted into the liquid container and then turned on to make them thick and whipped.

A hand blender ensures uniform blending of liquids and one has to keep swirling the blender in the liquids at a considerable distance so that the job is done and you do not spill anything. Many hand blenders are equipped in performing other tasks like chopping, mixing, and whisking as well by changing blades.

This article will present to you some of the most efficient and amazing hand blenders that will change your culinary style!

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Types of Hand Blenders in India

There are many hand blender brands in India, but here we will talk about what are the particulars that you can look for in those brands and what type of hand blenders are available to ease your work out.

1. Blenders with fewer attachments

Hand blenders with less or minimum attachments make your life extremely simple. It comes with an electric blender stick that might come as battery-driven or with plug fitting. It has a large mixing jar, like blender jars so you can swirl any fluid properly avoiding spillings.

These blenders are not made for fancy work and are good enough to attempt simple blending tasks. Its construction is simple therefore it looks simple. You can use them for blending soups, and liquids. The speed control of these blenders is restricted to 0.2

2. Blenders with multiple attachments

Opposite to minimum attachments is more attachments hand blenders that also come in a blender stick structure. However, it is very different from the previous type. You can perform multiple tasks with this blender; hence it supports multitasking. These blenders are made from high-quality parts and metal so that they do not undergo wear and tear easily.

They come in compact designs and are easily transferable. With the help of multiple attachments, you can not only blend but also use them for chopping and mixing purposes. These hand blenders come with a turbo button for obtaining maximum speed. Since they have variable attachments their speeds can be adjusted. It comes with a measuring beaker, a blender jar, and whisk attachments along with a blender holding stand for hand-free working.

3. Cordless hand blender

Lives become easier when things become portable. An example of this is a cordless hand blender that is battery operated. Although there might be many hand blenders that come battery operated, they do not sustain the heavy performance that a blender should. They will require frequent charging and ultimately you would have to shift to the power supply.

However cordless hand blender is made for this purpose, so that one gets are comfortable blending experience. These are more powerful battery-operated modern blenders. They come with a rechargeable battery that can be charged in less time. Since the cord gets removed, it impacts the weight of the blender a bit, and therefore these are heavier than previous blenders. They fit into stand wall-size charging points and a single charge can work for 20min.

4. Commercial HD immersion hand blenders

By the name itself, you would have judged the sophistication of this type of hand blender and rightfully so! HD immersion hand blenders are not just high-definition for the name but high-definition in work. They come with a long handle for complete control and have of shaft of 12-21’’. Available in shiftable speeds you can use them with different attachments for a varied purpose.

It comes with a rubber grip for better holding and has a whisking jar, a detachable round whisker, and a measuring jar in addition. These are the most durable hand blenders are they can perform multiple blending tasks. They have a power supply plug for high performance blending tasks.

5. Portable mini blenders

Unlike other hand blenders that are cordless and mistaken for being portable these mini blenders are worth traveling with. If you are someone who needs to travel with a hand blender this is a perfect choice for you. A portable hand blender comes in a small size than regular blenders.

Even though it is small in size, it can perform tasks of whisking, and beating and is an amazing utility product. It is durable, and efficient in performing light daily chores.


Hand blenders are used for many purposes, however with so many types of hand blenders present in the market one tends to get confused. This article presents to you 5 best types of hand blenders that fit well in your use as well budget. So, go ahead and find your perfect hand blender and make delicious meals.

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