Difference Between Juicer and Juice Extractor

 Millions of people around the world like to start their day with fresh extract or juice of fruits and vegetables rather than coffee or tea. Such people require keeping a juicer or a juice extractor at home if they wish to consume fresh juice though there are plenty of shops selling fresh juices of citrus fruits and vegetables in every city around the world. There are two different words used for appliances that are there in the market to obtain juices from fruits and vegetables namely juicers and extractors. Many people think the two appliances are the same, but there are differences between a juicer and a juice extractor that will be talked about in this article.

juicer vs juice extractor

Juice Extractor

The juice extractor is a device that is used to obtain juice from citrus fruits and vegetables in such a manner that the pulp, the seeds, and the skin is separated, and the user gets only pure juice of the fruit or vegetable. Electrically operated juice extractor has blades to cut pieces of fruits, and then rotate or spin at high speed to separate seeds and skin from the juice that is collected in a container. These are also called centrifugal juicers because of their spinning effect that separates the juice from seeds.

In particular, machines or appliances that equipped to handle seeds and pulp in such a fashion that the user gets pure juice only are referred to as juice extractors.


A juicer machine is used to obtain juice from most citrus fruits. It can be masticating or centrifugal in nature. A masticating juicer chews on vegetables and fruits in such a manner that it leaves behind fresh juice. A centrifugal juicer cuts pieces and then spins to separate the juice from pulp and seeds.

Juicer vs Juice Extractor

There are many who feel that a juicer is what produces juices of vegetables and fruits and that calling it a juicer or juice extractor does not make any difference. It is a question of just semantics. However, there are people who say that a simple juicer would not differentiate between pulp, skin seeds, and juice and pulverize the whole fruit to produce the juice. A juice extractor cuts pieces and then spins in a fast manner so as to separate the juice from seeds, skin, and pulp. This is also the reason why a juice extractor is more expensive than a simple citrus juicer. It also has a higher number of features than a simple juicer

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