Mixer Grinder Care Guide 2021

Mixer grinders are one of the most important appliances in the kitchen. And to get the most satisfying results, you must choose the best and the most reliable mixer grinder for your home.

However, it is not only about buying the best mixer grinder for yourself but as the mixer grinders are used regularly in the kitchen, you also keep good care of them. Most of the users who are using mixer grinders often do not care about regular cleaning of the mixer grinder, which eventually degrades the life and the performance of the appliance.

If you wish that your best mixer grinder serves you for many years, we would advise you to take good care of the mixer grinder apart from regular maintenance and repair.

This article will talk about the simplest and easiest ways to clean the mixer grinder and ways that can help the mixer grinder serve you for many years without much maintenance expenses. So, stay tuned to know about the simple tips and tricks to keep your mixer grinder in brilliant working condition.

Mixer grinder Care Guide

Six Tips to Keep Your Mixer Grinder in Top Working Condition

For the readers, we are listing the seven simple and easy to follow cleaning and maintaining procedures that you can do more often as they do not need any special tool or cleaning agent. So, keep them in mind while planning to clean your mixer grinder and make it look as good as new.

1. Clean it thoroughly after every use

As the mixer grinders are used regularly in the home kitchen, it is essential to keep them clean after every use. In case you can’t follow a lengthy cleaning procedure too often, we would suggest you get a wet wipe with a mild cleaning dishwasher gel and gently rub the mixer grinder machine. Once done, take a clean wet wipe to remove the access soap solution from the machine.

2. Make sure that your jars perfectly fits into the blades

Most users ignore whether the jar perfectly fits the machine and switch on the machine. This may severely damage the jar and machine’s blade and adversely affect the mixer grinder’s working. So, make sure that the jar is perfectly locked into the right place before switching on the machine.

3. Follow a weekly routine to clean the jars and the machine

Apart from the daily cleaning routine, make sure to follow the weekly cleaning regime too. By doing this, you can easily look for the hidden debris and clean the machine perfectly to enhance its life and performance.

To clean it, you can either go with a solution of dishwasher gel and water (in equal parts) or use natural cleansers like lime, baking soda, and others to make your machine look as good as new.

4. Use the ingredients carefully. Using too hot ingredients may severely damage the jars

Make sure that the ingredients you are using for grinding are at room temperature. The extremely hot ingredients can damage the jar and machine where the jar fits in. By ensuring that the ingredients are at room temperature, you can not only avoid excess load on the machine but can also have better performance

5. Use only recommended accessories

Ensure that you use only the recommended accessories by manufacturers to ensure the best performance. The accessories from a local store or brand may not fit the machine correctly, and you can damage the mold where the jar fits in.

6. Assign a proper place in the kitchen for using the machine

Also, make sure that you have a proper space where you can easily use the mixer grinder without moving from a place to another. By doing so, you can easily avoid mismanagement and keep your mixer grinder safe from mishandling.

These seven mixer grinders guide can help you maintain and clean the mixer grinders, which will eventually increase the machine’s overall life and performance. So, if you were looking forward to using your mixer grinder for the next few years, then you should follow the above-listed things carefully.

Final Words

In all, if you have a mixer grinder at home and use it regularly, then you should keep the above-listed points in mind and use them often to help the mixer grinder to serve you longer. Good maintenance can help the mixer grinder work forever until you seek a more powerful and advanced option for your home.

And one more important suggestion is always to go for a branded mixer grinder if you want your mixer grinder to work for a longer time. Maintenance is essential, but the quality is one of the important points.

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