Vegetable Chopper an Essential Tool

One of the more frustrating aspects of eating healthy and cooking in your own kitchen is that you have to take on tedious tasks like cutting, dicing, peeling, chopping, and mincing up vegetables, fruits, and nuts.

For those looking to eat healthier for “Eat Your Vegetables Day” and beyond, one way to increase your intake of vegetables is through vegetable choppers.

Not only can this help save you time, but they can provide you with a unique take on dishes.

Ever wanted to try cauliflower rice or zucchini style pasta?

These can be made with vegetable choppers.

Read on to learn more about the types of vegetable choppers and what you should consider when buying.

What Types Of Vegetable Choppers Are There?

While the idea of a vegetable chopper seems to be self-explanatory, they can actually do a lot more than just cut veggies up. A vegetable chopper is a machine that can slice, cut, and chop up vegetables as well as nuts, spices, and fruit. They come in two different types, manual and electric, and are extremely easy to use.

What Is A Manual Vegetable Chopper?

This chopper is also called a spring-loaded chopper and is generally good for cutting up vegetables and fruits. It can also chop up nuts and slice spices apart. However, because it is a manual chopper, it does take a bit of effort and time to get the job done. A manual vegetable chopper is recommended for individuals who need to use it outdoors when traveling or to camp as it does not need power.

What Is An Electric Vegetable Chopper?

This type of chopper functions in the same way as a manual one but requires electricity to power on and run. Unlike the manual, they can chop and slice through larger quantities of vegetables, fruits, nuts, and spices because they are faster than manual versions. Other than being convenient, an electric vegetable chopper can be used for multi-functional purposes like blending, grating, grinding, and juicing items like fruit, vegetables, nuts, and coffee beans.

What Are Some Common Uses For Vegetable Cutting Choppers?

  • They are often used to chop up herbs and hard spices.
  • They are used to chop up nuts that are needed for garnish in baking.
  • They are perfect for making cracker crumbs or grinding up graham crackers for dessert bases.
  • They can quickly deal with food materials that are needed for making condiments, salsa, and dips.
  • They make short work of chopping up root vegetables like garlic, onions, celery, and carrots.
  • They are great for grating up hard pieces of chocolate.

What Factors Should You Consider When Purchasing A Vegetable Chopper?

When it comes to buying an electric vegetable chopper, you want to make sure that it will get the job done correctly without breaking on you mid-way through use. Here is what you should consider when looking at the various models.

1. Find a multi-functional one. A vegetable chopper can be used for multiple purposes beyond just slicing up those vegetables. Consider what you want your chopper to do, whether mincing up spices, chopping up nuts, or grinding out coffee beans. You could even get one that grates up cheese, blends, and juices.

2. Figure out how much it can hold at once. If you have a large family or know that you will be using your vegetable chopper daily, make sure you get one that has a larger capacity. Chopping up your vegetables in large batches can help you meal plan and save you a lot of time.

3. Always get one with stainless steel blades. Whether you buy an electric or manual chopper, you want to get one with robust and durable blades. It is recommended that you get one that has stainless steel blades that are easily removable for cleaning. If a model has a spare blade, then that’s even better.

4. Make sure it is easy to clean. You want a model that has a removable bowl and blades. Otherwise, you will not be able to clean it very well, which will reduce its lifespan.

5. Make sure it is made out of high-grade materials. Always purchase a vegetable chopper that is BPA-free. If you get a model that uses BPA in its plastic, you could potentially contaminate your food with harmful chemicals.

6. Is it accident-free? Some chopper models have extra safety features that are marketed as “add-ons.” This could be a handguard, a storage bag, or even an extra blade. Some models are safe for children to use, as well.

7. Is it dishwasher safe? Take a look at the box or the manual to determine if the removable parts are dishwasher safe. This could be a huge bonus if you hate doing dishes or prefer using a dishwasher.

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