Tips and Tricks to Clean Mixer Grinder At Home

The cleaning mixer grinder is definitely not a very big task, but people still fear it. Indeed mixer grinder is an essential kitchen appliance that people need to use daily. People use the home appliance for a different purpose, and as we know that the trend of buy mixer grinder online is increasing day by day. Thus, you must clean the mixer grinder at regular intervals. So, start doing it today and do not compromise with your family’s hygiene.

Methods of cleaning mixer grinder at home

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Sometimes, users generally clean the mixer grinder at home with the usual techniques as they don’t want to buy an important kitchen appliance online at regular intervals. You must have tried many tricks and techniques to clean the mixer grinder, but overall you are not satisfied with it? But sometimes, it is still found that cleaning the appliance with the normal method might not sufficient to clean the odor or the stain. And, sometimes, the stain and odor also reach other utensils.

Tips to remove the odor completely from your mixer grinder

You must first properly clean the mixer grinder with expensive detergent and warm water instead of regular water. Just add some detergent and warm water in the mixer and the jar of the grinder and run the appliance for at least 2 minutes. After the task is completed, you will see that the spices’ odor or the food products have not totally gone. So, properly wash the mixer grinder, and after that, apply the lemon peel on the entire jar (surface and the blades). After applying it wash the entire mixer grinder thoroughly with normal water. It is advisable that you must wash the mixer properly with a cotton cloth and let it dry for a while before using it.

Tricks to remove stain from mixer grinder

As we all know, any mark or discolor will not affect your mixer grinder, nor will it harm the mixer grinder’s performance. But, as it is the favorite kitchen appliance for many and essential in many households, nobody wants any stain on it.

So, you must want to remove the stains from your mixer grinder and keep it clean. One of the first steps which you must need to do is to remove the stains with vinegar. Due to its citrus effect, it is considered a good agent to remove the stain from home appliances. It is also important that you must dilute the strength of the vinegar as per its stain type. You need to add a cup of diluted vinegar to the mixer and run it for a while. Please wait for some time and clean the jar. Keep it aside to dry.

Using Vinegar For Removing Stains

Some vegetables, fruits, and masalas leave stains on the mixer grinder that are tough to clean. Over long usage, they tend to appear even more. For these types of stains, use vinegar. Take two tablespoons of vinegar. Make a mixture using an adequate amount of water. After that, pour the mixture into your mixer grinder and grind for about two minutes. Now, check if all the stains are gone. If they have not, repeat the process with a lesser amount of water until they are gone completely.

Using Liquid Detergent

This is another great method to clean your mixer grinder. Mix one or two drops of liquid detergent solution in a proper amount of water. Pour it into the container. Now, swirl the mixture inside the mixer grinder. Rinse thoroughly using clean water. Your mixer grinder will shine like never before.

Using Alcohol

Alcohol helps to get rid of bad odors from your mixer grinder. Also, it makes it shine better. To apply the process, make a mixture of alcohol and water. Now, soak the mixer grinder completely into the mixture for about ten minutes. After that, take the mixer grinder out and rinse with good care until there is no alcohol residue in the mixer grinder. Only use clean water for this purpose. Once you are done, your mixer grinder will look newer than it has looked in ages.

These are the five best ways to clean your mixer grinder to keep them in good condition. If you think I have missed any useful methods, please let me know in the comments section below.

My recommendation to all is to go for the best brand for mixer grinder that will help you with less maintenance.

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