Things to Consider When You’re Buying A Hand Mixer

It is important to know if the hand mixer that you are planning to buy if you put it down on the counter when not in use will be able to stand firmly or not. If the base is small then hand mixer may topple every time and that can turn out to be frustrating.

You can consider buying the one that doesn’t come with any kind of crazy curves or have rounding toward the base. You can think of buying the mixer that has a stability which means the angle at which there is a power cord that comes out of the hand mixer.

Things to Consider When You’re Buying A Hand Mixer

 Buying A Hand Mixer

1. The Beaters Shape

The shape of the beater when considering a good quality hand mixer is important. It should be one of the important criteria since there are some beater attachments that you may find unique but the fact is may not give that amazing result. You should choose the one which can whip things up quickly and much more at the time of speeding up the process of whipping or beating.

2. Hand Mixer Weight

Hand mixers of today’s time are known for the compact size with a sleek design. Look for the right-hand mixer that can weigh about 680 g (1.5 lbs) with no attachments. The lighter’s hand mixer can be helpful but up to a certain limit. The weight generally is not on the box. So ensure to take the weighing scale to weigh it in the store. Ideal size mixers can help to frost or even beat the batter inappropriate time.

3. Watts Of The Hand Mixer

There are so many ruling mixers on the market that you are quite likely to get confused. If you want a powerful mixer that can save your time and give you great results then choose an ideal watt technology. 350 Watts hand mixer can work the best if you are looking for the good baking and whipping abused dishes to be made out frequently.

4. Hand Mixer Speed

In some of the hand mixer, there is a turbo speed option. Ideally, this option is not that necessary and usually, it is more needed than the slow spend of the mixer is quite slow. It is advisable to ask the store for the test to ensure that the speed setting is appropriate and you are able to get the desired result in less time span.

5. Cost Of Hand Mixer

There are so many brands selling this quality solution with exciting features. Of course, the hand mixer price may vary but frankly, if you go for designs and ignore features then you are surely paying high. But if you pay for the features and get the quality solution then, of course, you have made the worthy investment.

Price is not something to be claimed for the quality but it is the specification that matters. So make sure you are very careful about making the investment in such technology.

6. Beaters Spinning Direction

Last but not least and the most crucial point is the spinning direction. Look for the hand mixer that will be able to beat things while incorporating air properly. The focus of such a solution is to use the workforce against the gravity Beaters x 1,000,000. It is advised to choose the one that has the spinning direction from inside out. If the direction of the spinning is from the outside in it means the ingredients are being forced down in less air in the mixture.

Easy Tips on How to Use a Hand Mixer Properly

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Buying a hand mixer is the easy part but learning how to use it properly is the secret behind cooking delicious and yummy meals

1. Read the instruction carefully

Before you start using any electrical or electronic device it is imperative to read the instruction manual carefully. Understanding the functioning and features of a device is an essential step in using a device as it prevents small mistakes, which may damage the mixer. Reading the instruction manual will also increase the durability of the device.

2. Learn the function of each attachment

Hand mixers are not a single device; it usually comes with various attachments. Each attachment of a hand mixer has a purpose; they play a part in beating and mixing the ingredients. Using correct attachment is important to get the recipe right.

Additionally, a hand mixer comes with a different setting, which can be changed to increases or decrease the speed of beating.

3. Store and use the hand mixer cautiously

The third tip when it comes to using a hand mixer is storing it properly. It is highly suggested to store the hand mixture unplugged when not in use. Dry all parts of a hand mixture thoroughly before storing it in a dry container or box.

Also keep the plug, cord, and wire of a hand mixer away from the water.

4. Attach the beater before plugging in.

The most important tip on using a hand mixer is learning when to insert the beaters. It is important to insert the beater to the hand mixer before plugging it. When the mixer is unplugged the chances of accidents are zero.

5. Start with zero or one speed

When using a hand mixer always remember to set the speed at zero. Start with 1 or zero and slowly move forward to reach your desired speed. Again after you are done with mixing the ingredients, reduce the speed of the hand mixer to 1 before turning it off. Following this tip will ensure the durability of a hand mixer.

Additional tips:

  • When using a hand mixture never dump all your ingredients at once, this will result in chaos. Add one ingredient at a time and gradually increase the speed of the mixer.
  • It is highly recommended to use larger bowls when mixing the ingredients. This prevents the creation of mess and reduces the time required for cleaning
  • Lastly, when adding butter to a hand mixer device ensure it is at room temperature.

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