How To Use a Blender As a Juicer

How to Use a Blender as a Juicer

If you like the idea of eating your vegetables on the run, a little preparation ahead of time goes a long way. Instead of buying a pricey juicer, turning your blender into a juice blender may provide a healthy drink without breaking the wallet. Juice Blender: Juice or Smoothie? Making juice in a blender is …

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Juicing vs. Blending: Which One Is Better?

This is a question that we get asked all the time. Which is better: juicing or blending? Does one offer more health benefits than the other? and because of this most people confuse between what to buy a juicer machine or blender. Juices and smoothies both play an important role in any wellness program and …

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8 Different Types Of Juicers

People have been juicing even as far back as 150 BC to 70 AD as indicated by the Dead Sea Scrolls unearthed by archaeologists. The first juicer machine used a hydraulic press and was created in 1936 by Dr. Norman Walker. He released the book “Raw Vegetable Juices” describing the benefits of juicing and lived until …

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5 Reasons Why You Should Buy Juicer Mixer Grinder

juicer mixer grinder

A mixer grinder, in modern times, is undoubtedly an essential part of a household. Mixer grinder eases various tasks. A best juicer mixer grinder has many benefits. Earlier, we had to crush the fruits manually, which used to take a longer time than usual. Also, manual crushing of fruits is not that efficient since parts of …

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