Life in a Kitchen without Juicer Mixer Grinder

Little things that you don’t notice

You often use several things in your day-to-day life without realising how important they are for you. The value they add to your work goes unnoticed. Have you ever thought what would be your life in the kitchen without a Juicer Mixer Grinder? Maybe you haven’t. Need to make a dosa, the batter is ready in minutes. Making soup, again easily done. Cooking some delicious delicacy and need ginger garlic paste or tomato puree, grind it in a blink of an eye. All these benefits come with a single kitchen appliance Juicer Mixer Grinder! It is such a common pretty little thing that we have hardly appreciated its presence in our kitchen. Scroll down and read what would be your life even for a day in the kitchen without it and thank Herbert Johnson, the inventor, for making your culinary life easy since 1908.

2. The traditional method

Years back before the invention of mixer grinder or even after when it was very expensive for common household, people used traditional methods for grinding mixing and whipping. The women used mortar and pestle for grinding purposes. Be it crushing a small piece of ginger-garlic or grinding turmeric or chilli powder, everything was done manually. Even whipping which looks a very easy and simple task today was done manually. Therefore all these traditionally used methods later got replaced by the use of mixer grinder making your kitchen experience simpler.

3. Pain no more

Whoever said ‘no pain no gain’ must be wrong. All the traditional painful methods of mixing and grinding required a large amount of effort and energy. It was not just time-consuming but was difficult as well. Having a fresh glass of juice at home once felt like a dream. Whipping cream or preparing shake was not as easy as always. The use of mixer grinder has not just saved your time but reduced the hassle too. You no longer have to grate your hands in the grater or crush them in mortar and pestle if you need purees or powders for your curries.

4. Easy food preparation and varieties

With reduced time in kitchen, you can now concentrate more on new recipes, which was a dream back then. Imagine a day without your grinder. You can’t make fresh juices, you cannot puree your toddler’s food in a jiffy and nor can you make a quick paste of cooked spices! Scary!

5. Health and hygiene

mixer grinder

While we do not deny that crushing foods with stone had therupatic significance, it also involved the use of nails and fingers that were not always hygenic. The grinder and juicer thankfully is free from this as you can spoon in the ingredients and let the machine do the rest of the work.

6. Quick and speedy

mixer grinder

How long does it take to make a chutney? Just a few seconds, while the manual process was so awfully time consuming. A day without the mixer grinder would mean a day without chutneys. purees, juices and smoothies and a day full of toil and labour. Something we would not want to even think of! Thank you Herbert Johnson!

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