How To Clean A Food Chopper

It can be troublesome if people don’t know tips on how to clean a KitchenAid chopper. This useful utensil requires a proper cleaning strategy. Food choppers cut foods into fine pieces. Due to this reason, it takes much attention to clean. People can clean it either using the handwashing method or a dishwasher.

Food Chopper
Food Chopper

Tips For Cleaning food chopper

How To Clean A Kitchenaid Chopper: Tip 1 Dismantle The Appliance

Each type of food choppers has a different composition. We should know how to dismantle our chopper. Kitchenaid is an easy device. We can dismantle it by sliding off the plate beneath this item. We also need to spread the panel and unscrew the top part of this appliance. Take out the blade in prior to cleaning. All of these parts easily come apart.

How to Clean a Kitchenaid Chopper: Tip 2 Cleaning Food Particles

The simplest thing to do is to clean the large food leftovers or particles. We can use different approaches. Rinse these particles using running water. Sometimes, the food is stuck on the chopper. What should we do? Use a dish brush to eradicate it. Brush it gently, though. We shouldn’t damage the surface of the chopper.

White vegetable chopper
White vegetable chopper

How To Clean A Kitchenaid Chopper: Tip 3 Cleaning The Parts

When it comes to cleaning the chopper parts, we can use our hand. Wash them in a sink of warm water. Hand washing is better than dishwashing. It’s because we can carefully inspect all the food particles. If we decide to use a dishwasher, we must put the parts of the chopper on the top shelf. Why? The plastic parts are prone to damages.

How to Clean a Kitchenaid Chopper: Tip 4 The Procedure

The most important thing is the procedure. Wipe clean the parts with a damp cloth. When it comes to drying, we need to use the dry cloth. The main parts of the chopper are the knife blade, bowl, and lid. Wash them by hand carefully. Using a sterilizing solution is allowed. We must follow the manufacturers’ instructions, though.

How To Clean A Kitchenaid Chopper: Tip 5 Dishwashing

Many of us avoid washing using hands for some reasons. For example, we don’t want to ruin our skin. Women choose a dishwasher when it comes to cleaning a food chopper. Is there any precaution? Well, they need to run the machine through its normal cycle. The food chopper parts should be placed on the top shelf of the dishwasher, too. This way, there’s no risk of damages during the washing.

This slight information can help people learn how to clean a KitchenAid chopper. It isn’t as difficult as they might think.


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