Food Processor Vs Food Chopper

The modern technique is always welcome everywhere anywhere. It makes your life easier and quicker. Besides, these devices provide you the results so perfectly that it proves worth of every penny that you have invested for them. The modern technology gives you so many wonderful appliances for your home especially for your kitchen that you cannot help enjoying the jobs. Now the cooking time is nothing short a fun time for you.

Among a lot of tools, there are two such devices that are essential for preparing any dishes of your choice. The two things are- a food processor and a chopper. Although these two among the most useful tools, still there are some differences between them in many cases. In this device, we are going to find out the issues that make the difference between food processor and chopper.

What is A Food Processor?

A food processor is a kitchen appliance that is commonly used almost as a blender that works efficiently for repetitive tasks to prepare foods. This device comes in two types- manual and electrical-motor-driven. Naturally, the automatic one is preferred by the most but if you’re looking for an inexpensive one, then the manual one would be the only choice left for you. This is a device which can blend, chop, dice, and slice your foodstuff perfectly and quickly only to help you to prepare your dish a better and faster way.

food processor

How Does A Food Processor Work?

A food processor generally a versatile device that can perform different jobs like grinding, shredding, grating, slicing, and chopping almost every kind of foods. Besides, it can prepare puree too. All these different kind of job could be done in one device for having disks and interchangeable blades that come with this machine. Sometimes you can use this device like a blender, but the thing that may differ and that is a blender needs some kind of fluid, but in a food processor you don’t have to ask extra fluid as it can extract it from the veggies. Therefore, this device comes good to prepare milkshakes, soups, smoothies, etc.

What is A Chopper?

Whenever someone says ‘Chopper’ there are so many things that come to your mind. With this word, you can define many things. Butcher’s cutting instrument, a big axe, a type of motorcycle, and this is the common name of a helicopter. But here we are not out to discuss any of these things. Here the ‘chopper’ word goes for a kitchen appliance that is commonly used to cut or chop veggies, fruits, even meats. This device helps you in a large way for the preparation of food. This helps you by providing perfect sliced items and that also in quick time.

food chopper

How Does A Chopper Work?

A food chopper is a smaller device that is mainly used for chopping some ingredients like onions, fruits, and nuts to prepare salads, desserts, etc. This device has few sharp blades that cut all the smaller foods efficiently so that all the routine jobs at your kitchen can be done comfortably and quickly.

Difference Between Food Processor and Chopper

After having the primary concept of both things, now it is time to find out the main differences between a food processor and a food chopper. Though both of them are used for almost similar kind of job, they differ in some ways.

1. The Size Factor 

The unequal size of these two is clearly seen. The food processor is comparatively is larger in size. This can process up to 12 cups of food at one go. On the other hand, a food chopper is rather smaller to process only 4 cups of food at a time. But when it comes for storage, you can see that the food chopper takes smaller space than the bulky food processor.

2. The Working Matter 

When the utility matters the food processor is far ahead of the food chopper. Because a food processor comes with a lot of attachments those are very essential for your work at the kitchen. It has different types of blades which provide different sizes of slicing pieces. Furthermore, this device can efficiently work for slicing, shredding, grating, dicing and you can apply this device for preparing a puree and bread-dough.

On the other hand, a food chopper is mainly used for chopping veggies and fruits. Though you can use it for making puree and some other things, precisely you may consider it as a chopping tool. But keeping in mind of all these, still, you can take a chopper as an important device as a processor.

3. The Cost Affair 

Considering the size and utility of these two devices one can easily judge that the food processor is costlier than a food chopper. Generally, an average food processor comes at a cost of $30-$50 and on the other hand you have to pay about $15 for a standard food chopper. Because a food processor is more versatile than the other. But it doesn’t mean that a food or vegetable chopper is below par than the processor. In fact, it depends on your necessity, it depends on what kind of food you’re going to prepare. In some cases, you have to take help of a chopper over a processor.

4. The Cleaning and Care 

This is probably the only point where your food chopper is clearly ahead of the food processor. Most of the users often seen reluctant to use their processor frequently as it takes time to clean. But, the food chopper needs only warm soapy water to clean and a soft, dry cloth to rinse.

As for taking care, you should not use the food processor for liquid mixing for making some kind of cocktail that may cause harm to your device. Even you cannot make a dough using a processor of smaller size. As for the food chopper, just avoid chopping harder foods like nuts, etc. Because this may damage your blade only to lessen its life. Even you’re strictly warned not to make a dough using this device.

The Preference

Now the question is which one between these two devices you would like to have in your kitchen. This depends upon the needs. If you have to prepare foods for a lot of persons, even if you love to explore a different kind of dishes, then a food processor is the one for you. And if your cooking is an occasional affair or if you have to cook for one or two then a food chopper is enough for you. But for some instance, it is seen that many of you’re like to have a whole kitchen set-up, as you never say when and what comes in your need, then you need to keep both of them in your kitchen. The choice is yours

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