Difference Between Mixer Grinder And Wet Grinder

Mixer grinders and wet grinder are two popular kitchen appliance most of the homes prefer to have these days. Though mixer grinder is kind of mandatory in most of the kitchens,wet grinder is picked selectively and mostly popular in South India.

Many people might have a question in mind like ‘why should we buy both mixer grinder and wet grinder? Whether mixer grinder alone can do the job of wet grinder also?

Or in another way whether wet grinder can do the job of mixer grinder as well?

Well,we will try to answer all these questions and also understand the difference between mixer grinder and wet grinder.

wet grinder vs mixer grinder

Mixer Grinder vs Wet Grinder:

What’s the difference between a mixer grinder and a wet grinder?

Truth be told, NOT VERY MUCH.

A mixer grinder is used to grind spices and make ‘homemade’ masalas. Whereas, a wet grinder on the other hand is used to make batters.

A wet grinder has the power to facilitate heavy duty mixing. Whereas, on the other hand a mixer grinder is used for much subtler mixing.

So,as we said above,there is not much difference between these appliances but you definitely can’t use one as a replacement for other appliance.

In a way,at least mixer grinder can be used as a wet grinder as well but definitely wet grinder cannot replace your mixer grinder.

Can Mixer Grinder be used as a replacement for Wet grinder?

Mixer grinder is also used to make batter but the process and effort involved is very high in comparison with wet grinder.

Moreover the taste of the foods prepared with this batter prepared from mixer grinder will definitely not match with the taste of food items prepared with batter from wet grinder.

If yours is a small family and the batter your prepare is occasional and small quantity then you can very well survive with mixer grinder.

Space and cost are other two factors which you should consider before deciding on whether to buy wet grinder or continue with mixer grinder alone.

Wet grinder also more costly in comparison with mixer grinders and occupies good amount of space in kitchen.So if any of these two is a problem for you then also you can continue using your mixer grinder alone rather than going for wet grinder.

So to conclude,whether mixer grinder can be sufficient in a home with out wet grinder ,then YES is the answer.But you should aware that time,taste and effort is compromised in that scenario.

Can Wet grinder alone be used with out mixer grinder?

Don’t think from my perspective,wet grinder can replace your mixer grinder. You may try preparing your chutnies with wet grinder that also when the quantity is bit high but otherwise you definitely need mixer grinder.

Grinding of masalas or infact any dry grinding or small amount of grinding cannot be done with wet grinder.Even if you try ,you may end up spending more time cleaning wet grinder rather than getting the grinded output.

Juicing is also another criteria where wet grinder will not help you.If you buy some of the top mixer grinders,you have the option of going for juicing as well ,which definitely cannot be done with wet grinder.

So,to conclude,mixer grinder can replace wet grinder to an extent though with riders like time,effort and taste,the other way around cannot be done.

End of the day it all depends on your family need and your preference for taste of the food decides whether to buy mixer grinder alone or buy a wet grinder as well.


It’s important to clear the doubts these two appliances are absolutely great but there is need difference between them so I hope this mixer grinder and wet grinder difference are now clear in your mind. If you have anything to say do mention it in the comment section.

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