The Difference Between Juicer, Mixer and Grinder

Working in the kitchen has become fairly easy in 2019; thanks to technology have managed to come up with some amazing kitchen appliances to make our lifestyle easier. Be it a kitchen juicer, a mixer, a coffee machine, a microwave oven or a juicer mixer grinder, each of them has reduced day to day kitchen work to a very large extent.

Cooking food today has become an art and with the help of kitchen appliances, it has become simple as well. Electronic appliances like the juicer, pressure cooker, tea maker, and food-processor shorten the cooking time. Each of these appliances plays an important role in the kitchen; hence we will highlight the difference between juicer, mixer, and grinder so that you have an accurate idea of the exact work each one has been designed to perform.


We will start our comparison with the juicer. Now, we all know juicer is that magical kitchen product which beautifully squeezes out the juice from your favourite fruit or veggie to present you with a glass of freshly made juice. Nothing can be more refreshing than that. Juicers provide you with a better dose of vitamins, fibre, and minerals in the form of liquid rather than eating the whole fruit.

The market is filled with different kind of juicers.

These are the most popular type since they are easily available in the market. They are also quite affordable compared to other electrical juicers and efficient as well. Centrifugal juicers whack up the fruit or vegetable with a flat cutting blade and simultaneously spin the produce at a very high speed. This way it separates the juice from the pulp, hence the name centrifugal.

They are considered as a new candidate for the juicer world. These juicers are also known as slow juicers. They have a single gear or an auger installed with metal blades which simply crushes the fruit or vegetable into its pulp, producing juice in the process.

The twin gear or the triturating juicers are like a ‘kung fu’ master in the world of juicing machine. They are the top of the juicer world. Using two augers this juicer type does the best job by grinding or crushing the fruit or veggie for very high yield that leaves the pulp of the juice fully extracted of juice


After a nice session of juicers comes the grinder in the picture. A grinder, as you already know is also a kitchen appliance which might cause confusion due to the wide range of cooking tasks it can provide. The grinder can help you with a gamut of tasks like grinding spices, mixing raw and cooked meat, grinding vegetables and other different types of foods.

Like juicers, they are available in electrical and manual forms. Of course, most of us opt for the electrical one as it is convenient and quick. The blade in the grinder is responsible for cutting or grinding the food items into very fine pieces or into powder altogether. There are also grinders available in the market, especially for meats. They are absolutely fantastic when it comes to mincing the meat.


Mixers should be your BFF if you have an attachment for baking. This wonderful appliance works at mixing, folding and beating of food ingredients to provide you with the best results.

The mixer is another appliance commonly used in kitchens. Mixers are generally of two types- hand mixers and stand mixers. Make sure to buy the best quality mixer that you can afford. Choose the steady mixers which will not jump while mixing heavy doughs. Mixing of ingredients is a very crucial factor in baking; hence you cannot compromise on the quality. Plus, choose one where you clean the attachments in a dishwasher, thereby relieving yourself from the tedious task hand cleaning.


Knowing the basic of each kitchen appliance is important to you make the right buying decision. It is clear that while some functions can be carried out in more than one appliance, there is always the way that gives the best results. So always make your decision based on the basic of each equipment. It may sound like a great deal to have a number of appliances combined in one but it is not. Every machine will perform at its best with its own motor and specialized blades made for the job.

Now with the understanding of what the four appliances are created for, you are able to decide on what you really need and what you don’t. There are times people buy appliances but end up storing them away to gather dust just because it did not offer the service they expected. So now that you know the differences between a juicer, mixer, grinder, and their uses, you can bring out the chef in you and learn to prepare meals the easiest and fastest way while maintaining exceptional results.

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