Difference Between Blender and Mixer 2020

With the passage of time and technological advancements, working in the kitchen has become easier and more efficient than ever before. Kitchen appliances like mixers and blenders have made preparing for recipes quick and efficient, saving a lot of time and effort of people around the world. There are many people who cannot differentiate between a blender and a mixer because of obvious similarities in looks and functions. However, the task for which a blender is to be used in a kitchen is different from what a mixer is used for, and this is because of the basic difference between the designing of a blender and a mixer. Let us take a closer look.



A blender is an apparatus that contains a jar with a blade at the bottom. This blade is rotated with the help of an electric motor, to mix substances inside the jar. Blender container is mostly made of plastic that is transparent and has markings to allow for precise measurements. However, containers made of stainless steel and glass are also popular. Some blenders require the addition of a liquid to solid food particles so as to move these particles and make them come in contact with the blade, to be chopped and cut evenly. A blender motor can be operated on different speeds depending upon the food items to be blended. Blenders can be used to crush ice, make purees, dissolve solid items into liquids, bland boiled vegetables into a paste or a soup, and so on. Some blenders come with the option of changing the blades to be able to multiple tasks in the kitchen.



The mixer is an apparatus used in kitchens for helping in mixing fluid food items. It started with the idea of an egg beater, but today occupies an important place in the kitchen in the form of a hand mixer that operates with the help of electricity. Modern mixers have a beater (mostly two) that can be immersed inside a container containing liquids while the other end of the mixer is contained inside a unit that houses a motor. The beater rotates at great speeds with the press of a button on the body and completes the job of mixing or beating within seconds. The mixer can be taken out and washed under the tap water easily to be used again later and you can buy mixer online easily.

What is the difference between Blender and Mixer?

• A mixer is used to whip crèmes and to beat eggs while a blender is used to chop food items and to dissolve solid food items into liquids.

• A mixer has one or two beaters that can be immersed inside the pan where the items to be mixed are present as the other end of the mixer contains a motor that rotates these beaters.

• A blender consists of a container that houses a blade operated with the help of a motor at the base. The food items are chopped with the help of blades that can be changed in some blenders, to suit the task at hand.

• A mixer can make dough whereas a blender makes great smoothies.

both are good for its  kitchen but the use of each is different you can also read 3 Best Heavy Duty Mixer Grinder Juicer Under 7000

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