Top Benefits Of Stand Mixer 2020

Benefits of stand mixer

Although stand mixers may require extra room on the kitchen countertop, they are very efficient and valuable to food and bake lovers. When compared to the old hand-held beaters, they are easy to use, versatile and have a contemporary look. If you are into baking and just love cooking, this high-technology device will become your best friend …

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Food Processor Blades Guide (2020)

The blades and slicing tools that come with your new food processor may not make a lot of sense when you first look at them. Clearly, they do something along the lines of chopping because they come with a machine designed to do that, but some of them just don’t look … right. There are …

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Mixer Grinder 550W vs 750W – Which one You Should Buy ?

Are you one of the people like me wondering why mixer grinders are available with different wattage and which one will be ideal for personal usage at home? If yes, this article is for you. First of all, you should understand what is watt in general terms and different wattage in which mixer grinders are …

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Juicing vs. Blending: Which One Is Better?

This is a question that we get asked all the time. Which is better: juicing or blending? Does one offer more health benefits than the other? and because of this most people confuse between what to buy a juicer machine or blender. Juices and smoothies both play an important role in any wellness program and …

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Food Processor Uses in Indian cooking

food processor uses

If you love to cook, love Indian food, and don’t own a food processor, you don’t know what you’re missing! Heck even if you DON’T love to cook, a food processor is still well worth owning because it will get you in and OUT of the kitchen that much faster. There are many good brands …

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Juicer Mixer Grinders: The Most Useful Kitchen Appliances 2020

mixer grinder

Nowadays, in the modern busy world, different types of kitchen appliances are being introduced in the market which helps you to make your work easier and faster in the kitchen. Some of the advanced technology kitchen appliances are refrigerators, microwaves, grills, mixer grinders, juicers, slicers, wettable top grinders, coffee makers, and rice cookers, etc. Among …

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Food Processor Best Tips And Techniques (2020)

food processor

An electric kitchen tool that is used to chop, grate, mince, slice, puree, and blend a variety of food ingredients. Food processors have different blades that perform the various functions, which may also include kneading the dough with a blade rather than a hook. The food processor can usually perform any of these tasks in …

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8 Best Reason to Use a Hand Blender

hand blender

A kitchen appliance that makes your work easy and time-saving is a hand blender. With the right appliance, making your favorite dishes is easier than you think. Gone are the days when people used bulky and heavy blenders to complete their tasks. A hand blender is a secret appliance that is used in many professional …

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8 Different Types Of Juicers

People have been juicing even as far back as 150 BC to 70 AD as indicated by the Dead Sea Scrolls unearthed by archaeologists. The first juicer machine used a hydraulic press and was created in 1936 by Dr. Norman Walker. He released the book “Raw Vegetable Juices” describing the benefits of juicing and lived until …

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