Can You Crush Ice in a Food Processor?

Food processors have so many functions and can help to prepare a variety of meals. Its uses are diverse but can you crush ice in a food processor?

The simple is yes. You can crush ice in your processor. For smaller quantities of ice, your food processor might be a good option for crushing your ice. For example, a cup of smoothie or juice will not require so much ice. Therefore you can easily crush what you need in your food processor.

It is recommended to use an electric food processor for crushing ice, no, not really. Blender is the appliance you are looking for if you often crush ice or make smoothies.

In this article, we will discuss further using food processors to crush ice and how best to go.

Can You Crush Ice in a Food Processor?

Yes, you can use your food processor to crush ice. However, I would not recommend that you consider your food processor first before other alternatives because of the risk of damage to your appliance.

A blender is generally the appliance to go for when crushing ice. It has blunt blades, a generally stronger motor, and also a stronger cup.On the other hand, while it might not be the ideal option for a large quantity of crushed ice, you can crush your ice in batches using your food processor.

One beautiful thing about food processors is that you can choose to crush your ice into medium-sized chunks, or you can crush to an almost powdery consistency.

Whatever you choose to do, your food processor can produce great results as long as you monitor it constantly and ensure that you are watching closely to produce exactly what you want.

When you want to crush your ice in your food processor, don’t use the bowl directly connected to the appliance. It would help if you only used the blending jar. This is because using the attached bowl can cause the food processor blades to become blunt.

How to Crush Ice in Your Food Processor

How to Crush Ice in Your Food Processor

Take Out the Ice

Take out as many ice cubes as you need to crush and put in your food processor. If you plan to crush a lot and perhaps store for later, it might be best to crush them in batches.

If you can help it, but only the same sized ice in your food processor as it is likely to crush easier that way. If not, you can still crush your ice in the food processor.

Make sure you don’t put huge chunks of ice inside your food processor.

Turn On Your Food Processor

Once you have a batch of ice ready in the food processor, please turn it on and crush using the fast pulse setting. Please turn it off at every 4 seconds interval, so you don’t have over crushed ice. The more the ice is crushed, the easier it is to meet and become water.

Constantly check to see if the ice has been crushed to the level you want.

Once it is ready


Using a sieve, strain out already melted water into zinc or a different bowl. Ensure that there is no melted water in your crushed ice. Otherwise, the rest of the ice melts into water much faster, and using it can dilute your drink.


Once your crushed ice is ready, pour it into your drink. Pour the rest of the ice into a Ziploc bag and seal. Put in the freezer for future use.

If you haven’t crushed the ice quantity you need, repeat this process until you have enough.

Why You Shouldn’t Crush Ice in Your Food Processor

It is Extremely Loud

This might not seem like such a big deal until you’re in a room in which someone is crushing ice in a food processor. You would wish you weren’t.

The food processor makes a deafening noise while crushing ice. Unfortunately, since ice is somewhat hard, it might take a moment of pulsing for the ice to be properly crushed.

Damage Bowl or Blunt the Blades

If you are not too careful, you can damage the sharp food processor blade.

The force of the grinding and crushing process can cause your food processor blades to go numb.

It can also affect your food processor bowl and even cause some scratches. So if it can be avoided, use the alternate jar whenever you want to crush some ice using your food processor.

It is Disorganized

While processing food using your food processor isn’t exactly organized, crushing ice is a couple of times worse. The chunks of ice in your food processor will usually fly around and can cause damage to some delicate parts of your food processor.

While it is not a bad idea to crush ice using your food processor, try to weigh your options before attempting to.


Although your food processor can crush ice, it might not be the best idea to use it for this purpose. So Can you crush ice in a food processor? Yes, you can.

Should you? We don’t think you should. Fortunately, there are numerous other alternatives you can consider to crush your ice. Most just as noisy as using a food processor, but you will likely get your desired output.

That said, food processors are handy appliances in your kitchen, and there are numerous other functions you can put your food processor to without damage. It is also advised to buy food processor that are of good quality and that can handle these types of things once in a while effortlessly.

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