Can I Grind Chicken Bones In A Food Processor?

We all know that ground bones can be a major source of nutrition and calcium for our pets. But, most of us become confused when it comes to choosing the right way for grinding bones.

And, such sort of confusion raises the question – “Can I grind chicken bones in a food processor?”

Grinding chicken bones in a food processor is possible if you pursue the right way. To be honest, there are specific steps that you must have to follow (like adding water to those bones) if you want to grind chicken bones in a food processor. And, if you don’t have any idea about how a food processor works for grinding chicken bones, then using such a machine is not recommended at all.

When the topic is about grinding chicken bones, you need to choose the correct device. Failing to choose the right kind of machine may damage your device. And, even it can lead to severe types of accidents at its worst.

Some may choose meat grinders for grinding chicken bones, and others may opt for bone grinders or food processors.

But, the confusion remains!

Therefore, I’ve come up with this article where I’m going to focus on how you can grind bones in a food processor.

For your ease, I’ve divided the following discussion into several sections. I believe each of these sections will add more values to the answer to your question that is – can I grind chicken bones in a food processor.

At the same time, at the end of this article, I will share some SECRET tips that I follow while grinding chicken bones in my food processor.

What Is A Food Processor?

A food processor is known to be a popular form of kitchen appliance that is mostly used to smooth the progress of repetitive tasks while you prepare a food item.

In this modern-day, a food processor is mainly referred to be an electric-motor-driven kitchen appliance. But, still, you can find some manual devices out there, which are also referred to be “Food Processors”.


In many forms, a food processor is much similar to a blender. With a food processor, you don’t need a fixed quantity of water while preparing the food, whereas it requires a set amount of water or liquid to work with a blender.

What Is A Food Processor Used For?

You can use a food processor for a variety of purposes. And, most of those are related to tasks needed for the preparation of different types of food items.

A food processor can be used to perform the following tasks:

  • Grinding Meat & Bones.
  • Chopping Vegetables.
  • Shredding Cheese.
  • Slicing Fruits.
  • Making Salads & Dressings.
  • Making Dips & Sauce.
  • Making Dough.
  • Making Crumbs & Nut Butter.

Here, I’ve mentioned only the most common food items that you can prepare with the help of a food processor. But, the actual list goes on and on….

What Can I Grind With A Food Processor?

You have already got to know that you can grind meat and bones with a food processor. But, it won’t be wise to pick a food processor for grinding any type of bones.

As far as my experience says, you should never try grinding the thicker bones with a food processor. If you really want to grind bones with a food processor, it is better to choose uncooked and soft bones that are not thicker or longer than your thumb. Such types of bones may include rib cages, wingtips, and neck bones as well.

When you try to grind bones in a food processor, it will be a wise decision to follow the proper guidelines. Or else, your food processor can get damage. And, you may not expect your food processor to serve as efficiently as it always does.

In the section below, you’ll find a step-by-step tutorial regarding how you can grind chicken bones in a food processor.

Can I Grind Chicken Bones In A Food Processor?

When you ask about can I grind chicken bones in a food processor, I would say ‘YES’ you can. But, you need to follow some rules and guidelines.

As I’ve already said, you cannot use a food processor to grind thicker bones. So, you should never try such a thing.

At the same time, grinding chicken bones with a food processor can be done correctly, if you follow the guidelines described below:

How Can I Grind Chicken Bones In A Food Processor?

Step 1 – Selecting The Bones

First off, you have to pick the chicken bones very carefully since it is a food processor that you’re going to use to grind those bones.

selecting-the-bones for food processor

I would recommend you to choose the uncooked and soft bones that can easily be broken down.

If your primary purpose of grinding bones is to prepare a meal for your pet, then you should think about what types of foods they usually eat if they left alone in the jungle.

Yes, you have guessed it right – rib cages, wing tips and neck bones of chickens are the most suitable bones you should choose for this particular case.

While choosing the bones, make sure to pick the pieces that are soft in nature. Soft bones are easy to break down. That’s why I recommend everyone to choose those in the first place.

Step 2 – Cutting The Bones Into Smaller Pieces

Before you put the chicken bones into the food processor, you have to cut those bones into smaller pieces so that these can adequately fit inside the machine.

cutting-bones-into-smaller-pieces when putting in food processor

For this purpose, I suggest you use the strongest and sharpest knife in your kitchen. Even a pair of good quality kitchen scissors will do the work.

While you separate the bones from chicken, you’ll notice some meats stick to those bones. Before you start the bone grinding procedure, you have to pull the meat o of those bones.

Step 3 – Adding Vegetables

It is always a better idea to add some vegetables to the chicken bones while you prepare meals for your pets.

This combination can give a perfectly nutritious meal for your pets.

adding-vegetables in food processor

If you want to add vegetables, you have to cut the vegetables into smaller pieces so that the food processor can grind everything perfectly.

Before you cut the vegetables, you can also add some water to it so that it gets softer when you put them into the food processor.

Step 4 – Putting Bone Pieces Inside Food Processor

Now, it is time you should put the small pieces of the chicken bones in the food processor. In this case, always remember not to put an excessive amount of bone pieces in the machine.


To get proper consistency in the grinding output of the food processor, you can add a small cup of water. After that, you can put the vegetables that you have already cut into smaller pieces.

You may have to give a little push so that everything (bone pieces and vegetables) gets into the right position.

Now, switch on the food processor to start the bone grinding procedure.

Step 5 – Storing The Ground Bones

After you have finished grinding all the bones, you can store the ground bones in the refrigerator. But, you have to put the ground bones in a sealed box or container before you put it in the fridge.

Step 6 – Washing The Food Processor

Now, unplug the food processor and give a clean wash to it. I have seen some people who don’t want to clean the machine right after they finish the grinding task.

But, this kind of habit should be changed.

I always recommend washing the machine immediately after you’re done with your bone grinding job. For better result, you can use light warm water to clean your food processor.

Secret Tips About Grinding Chicken Bones In A Food Processor

So, it is to keep my PROMISE that I have made earlier.

Here, I’m going to share some SECRET tips that I follow while grinding chicken bones in a food processor:

  • Keep the bones in a bowl full of water for about 30 minutes before you start the grinding task.
  • You can mix fruits along with vegetables with the chicken bones, depending on the preferences of your pet.
  • Adding too many bones in the machine may ruin the blades. And, sometimes, the food processor itself can get clogged. So, you shouldn’t add a new piece of bone before you’re done with the last one.
  • Always pour some extra water into the food processor so that the ground bones can get a perfect texture.
  • Bones have marrow and blood in them. So, there is a chance that it may smell bad if not stored properly. Besides, you must throw the ground bones away when you see a noticeable difference in the odor or texture.
  • Before you give the ground bones to your pets, don’t forget to check whether it is fresh or not.


  • Do not add too much ground bones to your pet’s meal because having too many bones may lead to impaction, constipation, and some other problems as well. Maintaining a ratio of 5 to 10 percent seems to be okay.
  • Never use cooked bones for bone grinding purposes as these bones are dangerous for the pets.
  • If your pet doesn’t like to have ground bones in their meals, never force them to eat it. For this particular case, looking for a substitute would be a better idea.

Final Thoughts

After reading the above discussion, I believe, you have got a clear answer to the question – can I grind chicken bones in a food processor.

Besides, you have also got to know about the most effective and step-by-step guidelines on how you can grind chicken bones in a food processor.

To be honest, playing with kitchen appliances is like a passion for me. And, that’s the reason I always try to do experiments and share the results with my readers.

I have been using my food processor to prepare ground chicken bones for my pets over the past few years. And I have found this machine quite useful when it comes to saving time.

But, I would recommend you to use good quality heavy duty meat grinders, if you have to feed a family of large dogs.

Still, if you have any kind of queries in mind regarding grinding chicken bones in a electric food processor, you can message me at any time you want.

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