Best Buying guide of juicer Mixer Grinder in India 2020

What is a Juicer Mixer Grinder?

A Juicer mixer grinder is a kitchen appliance, which might be able to carry out the procedure of juicing, blending, mixing, and grinding. This machine is a mixer grinder having the added functionality of preparing juice out of the fruits or veggies. The juicer mixer grinder motor should be long-lasting to pay attention to all your preparation requirements. They generally comprise of 3 jars that customarily are provided together with the juicer mixer grinders. These are designed using either polycarbonate material or stainless steel.

How to Select the Best Juicer Mixer Grinder?

The appliance namely juicer mixer grinder needs to match several criteria to be a perfect selection for your kitchen. Prior to buying one from the market, it is mandatory and important that you bear the following aspects in mind.

Technical Specifications


The power or the wattage offered by the appliance describes the authority of the motor. Greater the power the appliance has, the further commanding motor might chore heftier loads. Preferably, the 550 to 600W juicer mixer grinder is best for home usage particularly appropriate for Indian grinding requirements. You need to bear in mind that anything above 500W might be pretty noisy while at work. So as to make the pulses batter or hard grinds in larger lots: you must opt for the 600W appliance & in case you require making 2-liters of juice at once; purchase a commercial unit that offers wattage beyond the 750-1000W range.


Greater the RPM of those chopping blades, the more dominant is the appliance’s motor. Higher RPM transforms into the additional amount of ingredients handled within a small time frame. However, there are a few disadvantages to greater RPM which take account of the increase in heat and noise. Thus, with higher speeds, you are going to produce more heat as well as RPM; even though this drops down the life of the motor.

Rating in Minutes

This aspect describes the unceasing functioning time that is suggested for a Mixer Grinder to function properly. It generally is near about 30 minutes – having 5 minutes on as well as 3 minutes off repetitions. You must ensure that you never operate the appliance constantly without providing a break to the motor. It might give rise to the cavitation or rapid downgrading rate of the motor, blade, or the machine. The overall machine might become worked up or heated in some cases that might give rise to interior damages that might be really expensive.

Brand & Customer Service

The trademark of the appliance is as significant as the customer service after the purchase. You might be negotiated over the maintenance & service in case you choose a juicer mixer grinder centered just on the brand. Pretty frequently brands don’t tend to please you while keeping the service in mind. An apt study of the appliance prior to purchase is going to diminish the probabilities of making this error. Ensure that the appliance that you purchase offers some local service centers. The complete accessibility to the spare parts such as the rubber gaskets and blades must likewise be a determining factor.


A compact and smooth appliance that is convenient is going to be a nice choice for a small family within a city. A slender tower intention or those standard L shape design is perfect & steady selection for home-usage. The difficulty with a gravely intended device is that it heats up pretty fast. On the other hand, the thin tower design comprises of its personal merit that it’s lesser trouble to clean.


While buying a juicer mixer grinder you must have a look at the safety aspects such as earthing, cutout, and those safety power cables. The companies might negotiate on the quality so as to generate those inexpensive prices. This gives rise to the ripping of the power cables, which in turn gives rise to the electric shocks.

Overload Protection

This aspect too is compulsory and you should verify it for sure. There are occasions while you might overload the appliance a fraction and this might give rise to the problems such as the burnout of the motor. Overload protection is going to provide you with a circuit breaker that hampers the circuit while the machine is experiencing a surplus load. Consequently, a distinctive relay called the circuit breaker has been delivered, that functions similar to the standard fuse installed in your house.


The worth of the blades, body, and the jars are significant in determining which product you must purchase. The jar that doesn’t properly fit in and/or is unsteady is not an indication of decent quality. Ensure that the juicer mixer grinder that you purchase comprises of durable blades as well as the tight jars.

Juicer Mixer Grinder – Usage Tips

  • Evade the addition of those hot elements into the jars as this might harm the blades as well as the walls of the jar.
  • Put in sufficient water and then operate the machine whilst preparing the purees.
  • Ensure that the socket of the appliance is earthed appropriately to elude electric shocks.
  • Permit the air within the jar lid to outflow prior to switching the mixer grinder on. You must hold your fire for at least 5 seconds to allow the air to escape.


By following these instructions and guidelines you can definitely purchase a right juicer mixer grinder for yourself.

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