5 Best Juicer Mixer Grinder For Indian Households

The smart kitchen needs smart appliances. So, how can we forget Juicer Mixer Grinders one of the most important kitchen appliances for all your juicing, mixing, and grinding needs? We, the people of India are spice lovers, and spices give the most authentic taste to all of our dishes. But to prepare these spices for any dish is quite difficult if we don’t have the perfect tool. Here comes the role of Mixer Grinder in our kitchen. How awesome when the juicers are also attached with the Mixer Grinder?

Juicer Mixer Grinders make the cumbersome task of juicing, chopping, grinding, and mixing easier and thus helping every homemaker to make a perfect dish. Plus, there is no hassle to use it likewise the traditional grindstones even the taste remains natural. Whether to chop and grind the foodstuffs like dry fruits, spices, onion, garlic, etc. or to make various chutneys like green chili, tomato chutney, mint chutney, etc., the mixer grinders can do all in no time. Also, you can make different kinds of shakes, and whip any liquid whatever you want in a very easy way as well as make fresh juices with the Juicer Mixer Grinders.

5 Best Juicer Mixer Grinder For Indian Households

1. Bajaj Majesty JX 4 450-Watt Juicer Mixer Grinder

Bajaj Juicer mixer grinder

We spend a considerable amount of our time in the kitchen daily and as per today’s time constraints, we need kitchen appliances that are both times saving and efficient. The Bajaj Majesty XJ 4 juicer mixer grinder is the ideal kitchen appliance that can simplify your pre-cooking tasks. It has a sleek and compact design along with a robust build that will last for a long time. This Bajaj juicer mixer grinder is equipped with jars made from polycarbonate and stainless steel material. This mixer is compact in design and fits easily in your kitchen cabinet.

Powerful Performance and User-Friendly Operation

This Bajaj Majesty XJ 4 is easy to operate and can be used for multiple purposes. In Indian cooking, you need the services of a mixer grinder for many chores such as using the grinder for grinding your favorite chutneys and batter for idlis, dosas and a host of Indian delicacies. The Bajaj XJ 4 juicer mixer grinder uses 450watts of power to provide you efficient performance. It is also equipped with a motor overload protector that protects the mixer from damage. This mixer is provided with two-speed control settings and an incher for easy usage.

Key Features

  • Brand: Bajaj
  • Includes motor overload protector
  • Spatula included for easy changing of blades and mix removal
  • Pulp container built-in
  • Speed selector knob to control the speed
  • Dry grinding option
  • Power: 450W


2. Inalsa Xcent Juicer Mixer Grinder

The Inalsa Xcent Juicer Mixer Grinder comes with an appealing design to add grace to your kitchen interiors, and yet its powerful performance can do all the hard task of grinding, mixing, and juicing very efficiently. It is featured with 550 W power that ensures more optimized performance. This juicer mixer grinder comes with three highly durable and strong jars that include a 1.5-liter transparent liquidizing jar, 0.8-liter multi-purpose jar, and a 0.4-liter chutney jar.

Even more, the three-speed settings allow you to blend and grind by gradually increasing the speed without overheating the motor. Plus, the automatic shut off feature of this juicer mixer grinder saves the appliance from being overloaded or overheated.

Key Features

  • Unique and stylish design
  • Superior performance with ease
  • Powerful 550 W motor
  • 3 Jars including 1.5-liter transparent liquidizing jar, 0.8-liter multi-purpose jar, and a 0.4-liter chutney jar
  • 3-speed operation
  • Anti-skid feet
  • Extra sharp blades for superior blending and grinding
  • Overload protector


3. Sujata Powermatic Plus + CH Juicer Mixer Grinder

Sujata Juicer mixer grinder

And the next is Sujata Powermatic Plus + CH Juicer Mixer Grinder which comes with a lot of unique features and great performance. This multi-purpose appliance not only aids you in mincing and grinding meats, cutting vegetables, grinding spices, and whipping creams but also you can make fresh and healthy juices with it whenever you want. The best part is that it comes with extra sharp blades for more enhanced performance and get remains the same even after regular use. It has two jars, one liquidizing jar of capacity 1.5 l to mix and blend large quantities of food and the other is a grinder jar of capacity 0.3 l.

The appliance has anti-skid feet to prevent it from slipping while in operation. And talking about its other features, it also comes with a cord winder and micro safety switch mechanism for your convenience. Plus, the ergonomic buttons make it more comfortable and convenient to use.

Key Features

  • Elegant and stylish design
  • Powerful 900 W motor with double ball bearings
  • Multiple attachments for proper cutting, mincing, grinding, shredding and much more
  • 2 jars having a capacity of 1.5 l and 0.3 l
  • A juicer with a unique honeycomb filter
  • Anti-skid feet
  • Overload protector


4. Singer Superb SJM502SRI Juicer Mixer Grinder

The Singer Superb juicer mixer grinder is a must-have appliance for every homemaker who needs to prepare quick, healthy and delicious food in no time. It is your perfect kitchen companion to whip up tasty gravies, blend the ingredients perfectly and make fresh juices. The appliance comes with three-speed settings that you can increase gradually to avoid overheating. And its powerful motor enhances the performance of juicing, grinding, mixing, and pureeing.

Key Features

  • Smart space-saving design
  • Shockproof ABS body
  • Powerful 500 W motor
  • 3-speed control
  • Overload protector
  • 2 Jars: Multipurpose jar of 800 ml capacity and a transparent liquidizing jar of 1500 ml capacity
  • Separate transparent pulp container
  • Overload protector

5. Signora Care SJG-1500 Juicer Mixer Grinder

This juicer mixer grinder from the brand Signora is another smart choice for all your dry grinding, blending, mincing, and wet grinding needs. Plus, you can also make fresh and healthy fruits and veggie juices very efficiently with this appliance as it comes with a juicer also. It is equipped with a powerful 500 W motor for effective and efficient performance. The appliance comes with three-speed control options that let you choose the desired speed for juicing and grinding. And this way, it offers you to get the exact consistency you want. There is also a pulp collecting mesh for all juice lovers to enjoy no pulp juices. This juicer mixer grinder comes in a very sleek and compact design letting you store it more conveniently, even though adding a style to your kitchen interiors.

Key Features

  • Sleek, stylish and compact design
  • ABS shockproof body
  • Powerful 500 W motor
  • 3-speed settings with pulse feature
  • Anti-slip base
  • Unbreakable polycarbonate liquidizing jar of capacity 1.5 l
  • Dry grinding jar of capacity 0.5 l
  • Built-in pulp container
  • Automatic shut off to prevent overload



This is all about the best juicer mixer grinders that we have picked for you and these juicer mixers come with 2 or 3 juicer mixer jars. All these models are the latest ones with amazing features that will surely make your task easier in the kitchen. Also, all these models we have listed are based on their specifications and buyers’ feedback, as well as ratings. So you can choose the one accordingly. But if you feel anything is missing in the blog or for any suggestion, please write it down in the comment section below.

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