Top Benefits Of Stand Mixer 2020

Although stand mixers may require extra room on the kitchen countertop, they are very efficient and valuable to food and bake lovers. When compared to the old hand-held beaters, they are easy to use, versatile and have a contemporary look. If you are into baking and just love cooking, this high-technology device will become your best friend in the kitchen. Once you try mixing with it, you will feel like you have discovered a new world of endless possibilities.

For starters, a stand mixer is a stationary, motor-powered mixer that consistently churns large quantities of ingredients for long periods of time at a consistent pace. When most people think of a stand mixer, they’re likely referring to a KitchenAid stand mixer, which comes with three mixing attachments: a paddle, a whisk, and a dough hook. (Other mixers may come with different attachments initially, but for the purposes of this article we’re speaking directly to the value of the KitchenAid stand mixer.) These three attachments cover most of the bases for an average home baker, from creaming butter to beating egg whites to kneading dough.

Stand mixers come in an array of sizes, generally distinguished by the volume of the mixing bowl: Some brands even offer miniature sizes for more compact kitchens, smaller yields, and people who have trouble moving the heavier, more unwieldy models.

They also come in two general styles: tilt-head and bowl-lift. With a tilt-head, the mixer’s head, where the engine lives, lifts up out of the mixing bowl. For the latter, the bowl itself raises until its contents make contact with the mixing attachment. Generally, the bowl-lift varieties are better for people working with large batches, as they’re typically equipped with larger bowls

Multitasking in the kitchen has never been easier because your new stand food mixer will help you do more in less time. If you are wondering whether it is a wise investment, we are here to help you make a decision, presenting you with the 3 great benefits of using this amazing appliance. So, let’s see what’s so great about stand food mixers?

a stand mixer

Benefits Of Stand Mixer

No Effort

A best electric stand mixer takes mixing foods to a whole new level. You can blend, whip or mix without tiring. It has much more power than a regular food mixer and this enables you to easily mix heavier cookie batters, knead bread and mix pie dough as it has different speed options. We all get tired when mixing with a hand mixer and tend to make the mixing process shorter than it should really be which reflects negatively on the outcome. Stand food mixers offer a better mixing of the ingredients in less time. So, why not make your life easier by saving yourself precious time. No more monotonous work for you.

Less Mess

Try as hard as you like but it is very likely that whenever you are using conventional eggbeaters and try to add more ingredients, they somehow get on the beaters and end up all over the place. Electric stand food mixers make it easier for you to follow your recipes and add ingredients while the beaters are still working, without having ingredients flying everywhere. Moreover, you can stop the rotation, lift the head, and add whatever you need without having to hold on the beaters which are dripping all over the counter or the floor. Stand food mixers will minimize the mess.


The best part is that stand food mixers are not only for beating; they come with many different accessories such as whisks, stirrers, and kneading hooks. They can help you make so much more than just mixing cake batter or mixing eggs and cream. You can use them to make your favorite ice cream, pasta, pizza dough and so many more. Enjoy the little pleasures in life.

Final Thoughts

So these are the benefits of a stand mixer and I hope this article is good enough to urge you to buy stand mixer. If you have anything to add or ask do mention it in the comment section.

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