All About Hand Blender

Who wouldn’t like a multipurpose multi-function invention that could make life easier?. One such invention is of the hand blenders that help you carry out your tasks in the best possible way without disappointing you. It takes the less time it can take in processing the daily food recipes such as the soups, shakes, and other such food items that are needed to blend.

A handheld blender is an electric stick that consists of blades at its one end. Instead of pouring the liquids into the blender bowl and then turning it on, the hand blenders are directly inserted into the liquid container and then turned on.

To ensure a uniform blending of liquids, one has to keep swirling the blender in the liquid. Not only blending but the product gives various other functions such as chopping, mixing, and whisking.

They do not require much space in the kitchen and consume very little energy. Most of the blenders are portable, and thus you can carry them anywhere you travel. Also, they are easy to clean, and most of them are dishwasher safe.

Handheld blenders are useful for blending large amounts of liquids rather than using the other blenders where you need to do blending in batches, which requires you to pour the blended liquid into another container.

Whereas, with hand blenders, you can directly put the blender into the large liquid container and simply blend in the original pot. This kitchen appliance saves you a lot of time.

The best hand blenders are used to make a number of food items like:

  • Soup
  • Pancake batter
  • Salsa
  • Whipped cream
  • Pesto
  • Smoothies
  • Cheese sauce, Tomato sauce

Most of the people have a perception that hand mixers and hand blenders are both the same. But, it is not the same at all. A hand mixer is useful to grind the pieces of ingredients into fine pieces.

Whereas, on the other hand, a blender is useful to process these ingredients into thin pastes or liquids. Although they might share a few common tasks.

The biggest reason for using the hand blender is its ease of use. It’s light in weight, hold in your hand, and swirl around as you want. With the hand blender, forget about removing the heavy mixer with all the attachments.

Cleaning the blender is a matter of a few minutes. All you need to do is scrub, rinse, and dry. The best part of the blender is, it is multi-tasking.

Making a puree is just one thing, you can use it to make smoothies, pesto, whipped cream, mayonnaise and lots more. It takes just a few minutes to complete the tasks and is also easy on your pockets.

It doesn’t even consume too much energy. Some blenders also provide hooks for kneading dough and other mixtures. These products are highly effective and consumer-friendly to use. Especially, when you have to make various dishes, this is an accessory that you must be wanting in your kitchen.

Tips For Using The Electric Hand Blenders.

Wash the blender right after the usage:  The blades of the blender should be cleaned right after using or else the leftover would accumulate on it for too long and then it would become difficult to clean.

Keep moving the blender inside the bowl:  The blender needs to be moved simultaneously to obtain equally blended results. This will help you to make sure everything is blended completely.

Use the hand blenders to blend larger quantities:  For more efficient use, use blenders for larger quantities. Fewer quantity would not give you the desired result as the head of the blender needs to be immersed completely into the bowl of liquid.

Do not blend very hot dishes: When preparing to blend any hot dishes, make sure to let it cool down for some time. When very hot liquid is blended, there are chances that it may splash all over the kitchen. Also, you may burn yourself if it splashes on your hands.

Types Of Hand Blenders

An immersion blender is also called as a stick blender or a hand-held blender. As the name says, these blenders are handy, compact and long and thin. They need to be held from one side and dipped in the liquid from the other side which has blades at the end.

This type of blender is easy to use. They are useful for blending all types of liquids be it hot or cold such as soups, juices, drinks, and smoothies, etc. Fruits and vegetables can also be blended using this product. There are four types of blenders in this category. They are mentioned below:

Blenders With Minimum Attachments

blender with maximum attachments

  • Made for simple blending tasks.
  • Has a very simple construction.
  • Perfect for simplest blending tasks.
  • No turbo button.
  • Speed control – 0-2.

Blenders With Multiple Attachments

Blenders With Multiple Attachments

  • This is a multipurpose gadget.
  • Made from high-quality products.
  • Compact in design.
  • Comes with a turbo button for obtaining maximum speed.
  • Has variable speed control buttons due to the multiple attachments.
  • Comes with a measuring beaker, a blender jar and may or may not contain chopper and whisk attachments.

Cordless Hand Blender

Cordless Hand Blender

  • The cordless battery operated hand blenders are modern blenders.
  • As it contains a rechargeable battery, these are a little heavier when compared to other hand blenders.
  • A single charging can work for around 20 mins of blending.
  • They are flexible and portable to use
  • Fits into the standard wall size charging points

Commercial Hd Immersion Hand Blenders

Commercial Hd Immersion Hand Blenders

  • Provided with a second handle for complete control
  • Has a longer shaft of 12 – 21.”
  • Variable speed controls
  • Comes with a rubber grip

Buyer’s Guide

Warranty and After-sales service

The brand you go for should offer the best warranty and after-sales service. It is important that the product comes with a warranty of 2 years against any defect.

Moreover, it should have a good after-sales service allowing you to easily contact the brand customer care service so that they resolve your issues and queries efficiently. This ensures the reliability of the product and the brand.


The hand blender should have a light-weight design so that you can use it comfortably and conveniently even for up to 20 minutes. A light-weight model also enables you to port it easily so that you can use it whenever needed as it is a handy appliance to always have by your side while cooking.


The brand also plays a key role, especially when you are purchasing any home, kitchen or electronic appliance. A good brand offers the best features and also ensures a guarantee on your investment. Go for brands like Philips, Bajaj, Panasonic, Prestige, Orpat, etc.


The immersion blenders come with a wide range of motor power. The power levels exist between 100 watts to 500 watts and above. On a regular basis, a motor with 200 watts power is great enough for easy tasks. But when it comes to heavy-duty usage such as crushing the ice, a high power motor would be preferable.

Cord Or Cordless

Though corded blenders provide more power, it cannot be moved around in the house, like the cordless one. Choose a blender keeping the kitchen space and power plugs in mind before buying.


The design is one of the major factors while considering hand blenders. The design should be convenient and comfortable. The size of the blender and the location of the power button should be appropriate and convenient.

Some blenders need the power button to be pressed during the entire process of blending. Thus, a well-placed power button would make it easier.


You will not get any attachments with blenders available at cheaper rates. Whereas, the high priced and advanced ones would have multiple options like choppers, whisks, frothers and other blades. More the number of available attachments more will be the cost of the product

Cleaning And Maintainance

Ensure whether the parts of the blender are dishwasher safe. If they are not, then check whether they are easily cleaned. Also, you should quickly wash the blender after the use as most of the food gets stuck in the blades and it becomes difficult to clean later.

Maximum Runtime

A few blenders get heated up after using it for a couple of minutes. The blenders should be kept aside to cool down before using it again. Most blenders have a specific runtime to use specified on it.

Blade Material

The blades should be sharp enough so that fine blending is done. Check the quality and material of the blades before buying the actual product. Some low priced blenders come with plastic blades and it is not recommended to buy  blender with plastic blades as it would last you long.

Variable Speed Control

A few of the advanced models come with the speed controls that vary from 4-6 which offer high precision. However, most of the immersion blenders offer 2 settings which are sufficient for regular use. Most of the people don’t require a multiple speed blender. The blenders with fewer speed functions are cheaper than the other blenders.

Locking System

Some blenders come with buttons that need to be kept pressed completely while blending. There are other options as well where you need to just press the button to turn it on and off. Though some people might be comfortable with it, some may find it inconvenient to use.

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