8 Tips on How to Care for Your Mixer Grinder

Having a mixer grinder makes things easy in the kitchen. You need to maintain it well so that this helping hand can serve you longer. Ramesh Chembath, Business Head – Kitchen Appliances, Usha International, gives you information on how to maintain your mixer grinder.
1. As the best mixer grinder is used regularly for mixing dry and wet ingredients among other things, cleaning it after every use is very important. Always rinse the jars thoroughly in water and dry them upside down. This will help in getting rid of odour that occurs after every use. Do not forget to remove the blades before you start cleaning.

2. Always lock the jar properly before every use to avoid damage to the blades.

3. Ensure that the speed goes from low to medium to high instead of starting it at full speed in the beginning. This ensures reduced pressure on the motor.

4. Check whether the ingredients are at room temperature before grinding. Extremely hot food may cause harm to the product.

5. To avoid spilling, ensure the lid is secured well during the grinding process.

6. Clean the cord with a damp cloth to get rid of moisture completely.

7. Ensure that the best mixer grinder in india is stored in a secure location and nothing falls on it that may cause damage. Keep it out of reach of children as far as possible.

8. To avoid electric shock, avoid running the mixer near places where there is water around.

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