Common Mixer Grinder Problems With Best Solutions

One appliance that’s present in almost every kitchen is a juicer mixer grinder. You may be able to manage without a microwave or other kitchen appliances for a few days but definitely not without a mixer grinder. It not only saves your time but is also a must-have for bachelors to ease out things in the kitchen. The only downside is, just like any other electric mixer grinder wear out too over time.

The Next Time You Face A Problem With Your Mixer Grinder, Here’s What You Can Try Before You Call An Expert To Fix The Problem

Leakage From The Mixer Grinder Jar

Mixer grinder leakage from jar
This is a common problem often faced with a top brand mixer grinder also, especially if the appliance is too old, if the mixer grinder has a loose blade in the jar, if there is a crack in the jar or if the rubber gasket has worn out. Mixer grinders usually work for a good 8 – 10 years or even more without giving any trouble. If you notice that the appliance has a loose blade in the jar, you can tighten the blade assembly using a screwdriver.

If tightening the blade assembly doesn’t help, it’s possible that the gun metal (part attached to the mixer grinder unit) is faulty. If you’re not sure, you can call an expert to confirm and get the gunmetal changed. Gunmetals usually have a lifespan of over 3 years and can wear out due to excessive use. If the jar is cracked, you have no choice but to replace it with a new one from the brand.

 Mixer Grinder Blade Is No Longer Sharp

mixer grinder blade no longer sharp
How do you know if the mixer grinder blade has worn out? If it no more grinds the ingredients coarsely, it’s time to replace the blade. But before you go ahead and replace it, we recommend you try sharpening the blade using rock salt. Add a spoon of rock salt in the jar and turn on the mixer grinder. Repeat the process a couple of times and you will notice that the blade has turned a bit sharper.

In case this doesn’t help, you will need to change the blade. You can do it yourself using a spanner that comes along with the new mixer grinder. All you need to do is hold the coupler on the underside of the jar with one hand. Use the spanner to remove the blade by turning it clockwise. Put the other blade in place and tighten it by rotating it anti-clockwise until it is securely locked.

Mixer Grinder Keeps Tripping

mixer grinder keep tripping
There is a reset button placed under the mixer grinder which trips when you continuously use the appliance for longer hours or grind hot food items. The next time you experience this problem, avoid using the appliance for too long and allow the food to cool down before you grind it. If the mixer grinder trips due to excessive heat, unplug the appliance, remove the jar and look under the appliance. At the bottom of the unit you will see a red switch. Press the switch to reset the appliance, plug it back in, switch it on and this should solve the problem.

Coupler Is Broken

mixer grinder coupler broken
Blender couplers connect the base of the blender to the jar. They usually wear out or break after years of using it. Also, if you regularly blend frozen fruits or vegetables at high speeds, it can damage or break the coupler, so avoid it! Since a coupler cannot be repaired, the only option is to replace it by calling a professional. We do not recommend replacing the coupler without the help of a professional, as the mixer grinder blades are sharp and can hurt you.


By doing not much you can protect your mixer grinder at home only by adopting these techniques and it will also helps in saving your money.

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